Amazing costumes!

Wow! The costumes today for St Hilary’s late World Book Day were fantastic! I was so impressed with the effort everyone put in. Thank you for your continued support in this area. My Peter Pan outfit (or shall I say Robin Hood because the costume was far too short and I decided that green tights may be a little dodgy in a primary school!) was supposed to match the style of writing for our Big Write! The children did a great job of writing a diary entrant based on a day as Peter Pan.

In English we’ve started to learn all about performance poetry which has been a good laugh because we’ve started off by learning a dinosaur rap off by heart which we will be performing for Mrs Sandow & Mrs Gardner’s classes before the end of term. We’ve learnt to try and keep a rhythm whilst performing in groups and as a whole class as well as how to use expression, facial & body movements to better performances. We will continue to read and write performance poetry next week.

During Maths, we’ve been using our knowledge of x tables. This showed just how much (or little) the children could recall them and is something we’re definitely going to have to focus on throughout the rest of Year 4. We’ve learnt how to multiply 3 numbers by each other e.g. 4 x 5 x 6. We’ve also began to understand what factor pairs are. These are 2 numbers that multiply together to create a number e.g. the factor pairs of 12 are: 1 x 12, 2 x 6, 3 x 4. We shall investigate with these further next term. Next week, we will be learning all about co-ordinates, plotting missing points of polygons and learning how to translate from one place to another. All good fun!

The children have extended their knowledge of how to program a game using Scratch. Their games are beginning to take shape so we’ll be able to finish them off soon. It was interesting to see different children helping others when they stuck – it’s what learning is all about! They could definitely teach us all a thing or two!

What’s a synagogue? It’s the Jewish holy place of worship. We have learnt lots of new words and phrases to identify the features of the interior of these beautiful buildings. Why not ask your children if they can remember any of the features such as where the holy book (Torah) are kept safe, what words do they have on front of it? What is the symbol of Judaism? R.E is important to learn at this age because they can then understand how to live in a diverse world and begin to recognise the different faiths that people in our society have.

There is no star P.E player this week as we didn’t do any lessons in this area but rest assured, we will be doing indoor & outdoor P.E next week. Monday morning we will be doing some gymnastics in the hall to see if they can remember the routine we learnt at the Penzance Gymnastics Club. Demelza Beard and Keiran McCabe have been chosen to represent Year 4 in the Penwith Gymnastics competition on Friday – how exciting! We wish them all the luck in the world.

Well done to Luke Rawlins & Luca Partridge who have worked really hard in lessons this week J

We really hope you enjoy your mother’s day cards this year – the children really took pride in them. Mrs Randall & Miss Meacham came up with the idea so we hope you like them. You all deserve to have a fantastic day on Sunday as you are all absolutely brilliant! Make sure you have an hour to yourself – that’s my orders! 😉

See you all next week,

Mr Larter


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